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IPv6 Security Training


As the Internet has become more critical to the way individuals, organisations and nations work, learn, play and do business, it has also become an attractive target for crime, and as such must be protected as a critical resource.

This workshop focuses on the security aspects of IPv6 from the network infrastructure to the services and devices. It is meant for both the networking and system admin professionals.

After attending this workshop, participants will be able to

  1. Describe the security implications and vulnerabilities in IPv6, from the core functionality protocols through the routing protocols to the applications
  2. Identify how to mitigate the security vulnerabilities identified
  3. Secure and verify network infrastructure (transition techniques, routing and key functionality protocols like ND)
  4. Secure and verify IPv6-enabled applications


  • Fundamental concepts in network and application security
  • Knowledge with the Linux/unix command line
  • Knowledge of network operating systems like Cisco IOS, Junos and Quagga

Modules Mode of Instructions

IPv6 Foundations


IPv6 Security Technology demonstration on live equipment

Interactive exercises Group discussions


Hands-on exercises on our IPv6 testbed