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Book IPv6 Testbed


A cornerstone of all our workshops is ensuring that at least 40% of the time is spent actually configuring equipment. We do this by running four (4) IPv6 testbed, located all over Africa. Each of these testbeds consists of 6 routers that can be booked and used for practice or workshops. To book this testbed, go to the Book AFRINIC IPv6 Testbed

The diagram below shows the testbed topology. Apart from a basic configuration to ensure access from any location, these routers are bereft of any configuration - a true testbed in every sense of the word. Our Lab manual is meant to be used with this testbed.

 afrinic testbed

Actually, to book an IPv6 you have to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and expect that you'll receive an answer on time. This document will introduce and explain how to use the AFRINIC IPv6 Testbed Booking System to reserve and use one of our (4) Testbeds




Resources are the following the IPv6 testbeds that can be bookable

  1. Mauritius
  2. Johannesburg
  3. Mombasa
  4. Cape Town

These resources can have many statuses, types and some accessories.

Resources Accessories

Accessories can be considered as an assistance, or help used during a reservation. As far as AFRINIC is concerned, an organization that book a testbed can request the following:

  1. Remote or live support for the lab: during the usage of the testbed, an AFRINIC staff can follow the requestor and help them in their practices; this is very important if the requestor has never used an AFRINIC testbed or participate in one of our IPv6 workshops.
  2. 2 hours IPv6 webinar: before the lab, participants can follow an initiation to IPv6 that can help them to start using the IPv6 testbed.

Resources Statuses

Statuses can be considered as the state of the resource during a reservation, we can have:

  1. Available = the resource can be booked
  2. Unavailable or IN-USE = the resource can't be booked because it's already booked for the requested period
  3. Maintenance or Hidden= the resource can't be booked for a maintenance task

Resources Types

Here, we have the Types of the resource we have:

  1. Testbeds = live routers
  2. Virtualised Routers = Routing function performed by VMs

 How to Book a Testbed:

Connect yourself to Testbed booking system and follow the steps bellow:

Actions Illustrations
In order to access to the platform you need to have an account; connect yourself to the website and click on "Create an Account" as shown on the picture bellow  log v6
fill the form with the required informations, don't forget to type the security code and click on "Register"  reg v6
Use your username and password, you just come to create an connect yourself to the platform as shown on the picture below  con v6
welcome to the dashboard, we have the following sections:
  1. Announcements: these are notifications sent by the platform managers, you must read and follow the instructions if need be
  2. Upcoming reservations: here listed your bookings
  3. Help for more detail in how to use the platform
  4. My Account: This menu allow you to manage your account
 book0 v6
From the dashboard, put the mouse on "Schedule" and click on "Bookings", as shown  book1 v6
On the Booking window we have:
  1. The resources
  2. The resources availability
click on the resource you want to reserve
book2 v6 
In order to book the selected Testbed you have to fill al the fields as shown in the picture below
  1. Here you have to choose the date and the time of your reservation
  2. The expected number of participants
  3. The purpose of this training
  4. The IP range or IP from which you'll log into the testbed
After these points you can also request for accessories click on the "add" link behind the Accessories menu as shown in the picture.
book3 v6 
Select from the Accessories window the desired Accessories:
  1. IPv6 webinar
  2. Live support during the lab
After having selected your Accessory you can click on the "done" button, and you'll be redirected on the booking form where you have to click on the "Update" button to save your reservation. PS: Your reservation is now on the pending state waiting for one of the Platform Administrators to validate it or not
book4 v6 


Dont esitate to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you don't receive any response from the AFRINIC two days, after your reservation