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IPv6 Foundation


This is the keystone foundation module for all our technical workshops.

It gives the participants a solid understanding of IPv6's core concepts and is required for understanding all other IPv6 topics.

On completion of this module you will be able to:

  • Identify, write and shorten IPv6 addresses
  • List the types of IPv6 addresses and their unique characteristics
  • Create an IPv6 address plan for a network
  • Identify and list the equivalent IPv4 key protocols in IPv6
  • Describe how NDP is used to deliver key IPv6 functions
  • Configure and verify basic IPv6 on hosts and routers




Module outline

  • IPv4 address exhaustion - review, implications and consequences
  • IPv6 address basics - notation and representation
  • IPv6 addressing types
  • IPv6 address planning
  • IPv6 from an IPv4 perspective
  • Understanding ND and key IPv6 mechanisms
  • IPv6 address provisioningBasic IPv6 address configuration and verification on equipment
    • Stateless Automatic Address Configuration (SLAAC)
    • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCPv6)
  • Labs/Exercises
    • Planning IPv6 address pace for a given network
    • Configuring and verifying IPv6 on hosts (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux/Unix)Configuring and verifying IPv6 on routers
      • Static Configuration
      • Automatic Configuration
    • Verifying IPv6 functioning using network packet captures (tcpdump, tshark etc)