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INRM Foundation


We are first and foremost the Internet Registry for Africa and as such our main mandate is to ensure that IP number resources are effectively managed in the region. 

This module introduces you how we work, what services we offer and how to interact and request resources from AfriNIC. After concluding this workshop, participant will be able to...

  • Describe what services are available from AfriNIC
  • Apply for IP number resources from AfriNIC
  • Explain the importance of the policy development process and how to take part in it.
  • Query the whois database

Module outline

  • Understanding Internet Resources & how they are managed
    • Introduction and types of Internet resources (IP addresses, ASNs, FQDNs).
    • Key organisations involved in managing the Internet (ICANN, NRO, IETF, RIRs)
    • How IP resources are managed globally (structure and principles)
  • About AfriNIC and what we do
    • Company information
    • The services we offer to the community
    • Our community work 
  • Number Resource Policies in Africa
    • About the AfriNIC Policy Development Process.
    • How policies affect you.
    • How to get involved.
  • IPv4 depletion - facts, timelines and implications
  • IP Address Planning
    • Why NAT is not a solution to the problem of IPv4 exhaustion (aka Why NAT is evil)
    • Understanding CIDR and how it features in your IPv4 address plans
    • Estimating your IPv4 addressing needs
    • Estimating your IPv6 addressing needs
  • Interacting with AfriNIC
    • Becoming an AfriNIC member.
    • Specifications of key documentation required.
    • About the RSA and how to fill it.
  • Introduction to WHOIS Database (Objects, querying and uses)
  • Introduction to MyAfriNIC
    • What is MyAfriNIC
    • What can be done with MyAfriNIC?
    • How to do various tasks using MyAfriNIC